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We develop, design, and manufacture tactical military drones. Based on an advanced modular system, our drones provide cost-effectiveness and real-world durability for modern conflict management, which ensures superiority and enhanced safety on the battlefield.


Cost-Efficient  Modular UAV Technologies

Unmanned Defense Systems was founded by experienced UAS and Satellite experts working in global markets. The team has covered areas related to autonomous systems, GNSS-denied environment navigation, AI, computer vision, and many others. 

The sole focus of the company is to deliver new-generation cost-efficient UAS systems capable of complying with a doctrine of modern warfare. 

We are more than just a company — we are a partner.

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Our Journey So Far

Catfish UAV modular system introduced

Catfish modular aircraft system allows the efficient development of small class I aircraft for different applications, with excellent performance and low cost. These aircraft are a game-changer on the modern battlefield.

Catfish Target UAV conducts first missions in Ukraine

Tailor-made Catfish Target UAVs carried out their first successful missions in the Ukrainian war. The UAVs carried out tactical operational tasks that led to tangible battlefield successes.


Partners in Development

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