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We’re based in Vilnius, Visoriai Information Technology Park

At Unmanned Defense Systems, we are creating technologies in the field of military UAVs that will save lives and change the battlefield at the tactical level. Our modular, cost-efficient small tactical drones help perform safer data-based missions, protect humans and important equipment, and help to hit high-value targets.


Changing the future of special purpose UAVs means thinking differently.

We are looking for specialists in electronics and aeronautics, experts in communications systems and artificial intelligence, and other specialists who want to contribute to the Unmanned Defense Systems mission. Contact us to discuss your future mission at UDS.

Lead Firmware Engineer

Vilnius, Lithuania

Candidate may serve as a Lead Firmware Engineer on a major program, where he will manage tasking for a team of other, more junior systems engineers. In this role, the candidate will also interface with program leadership and line management. 

Program Manager

Vilnius, Lithuania

The ideal candidate will have a sharp business mind and a proven ability to strategize and implement high-level program initiatives. As a natural born leader, have a strong talent for project coordination and delegation. 

Vilnius, Lithuania

 We are seeking a talented electrical / electronics engineer to design, fabricate, test, and support the operation of our UAV. This position directly interfaces with manufacturing, engineering, flight test and UAS flight operations staff.

Marketing manager

Vilnius, Lithuania

The ideal candidate will have a progressive marketing background in campaign management, channel strategies, GTM execution, and sales enablement to drive lead acquisition and drive pipeline velocity for new business and account expansion. 

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